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This is Sportret, a book Made by MENDO, with intriguing, humorous, surprising photographs and unbelievable anecdotes.

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Wanderful* Christmas Gifts


If you're looking for that one special gift to make a traveler's heart tick faster, check this collection of adventurous books. Aren't they just wanderful?

Our favorites of 2017


2017 has been a good year for the books. But what were MENDO's personal favorites?

Strategic partnership between MENDO and teNeues


We're pleased to announce that as of 2018 MENDO and teNeues, a house-hold name in the international publishing world, will be publishing books together.

Indie books


We love books by the likes of Annie Leibovitz, Mario Testino and Tom Ford. But books made by independent individuals and small publishers make us tick too.

Six Sportret stories worth sharing


Sportret is not only a wonderful photographic document; it is good fun to read too. Here are some of our favorite anecdotes from Sportret.

Staf(f) pick


A selection of MENDO's favorite Sinterklaas gift suggestions.

Signed editions


What's even nicer than a beautiful book? One signed by the author or artist. We just so happen to have a few for you.

Bread is Gold

Book of the week

Massimo Bottura, the world's best chef, prepares extraordinary meals from ordinary and sometimes 'wasted' ingredients inspiring home chefs to eat well while living well.

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'Every book is a gift. That's why gift wrapping is standard.'
'Every book is a gift. That's why gift wrapping is standard.'

Why we love(d) making Sportret


This month we launched yet another passion project. One we’re really excited about: Sportret, a hommage to sports photographed by internationally renowned photo journalist Klaas Jan van der Weij.

Gifts favorites


Gift season has officially begun - especially businesses must act now. MENDO just so happens to be a gift specialist. Here's a selection of some of our favorite gifts for…

Visual Inspiration #5: Not Safe For Instagram


Many books at MENDO contain images that exceed the tantalization that is allowed by Instagram. Luckily the nudity filter on is somewhat less rigorous. Enjoy this collection of visually…

Two LaChapelle books you want to get your hands on


The wait is over: the two (!) last books of David LaChapelle are here. Two colourful books, featuring dazzling portraits of our world’s best known celebrities and a colourful examination…

Visual Inspiration #4: Black and White Portraits


The books at MENDO offer a treasure trove of visually inspiring images. MENDO dives into the imagery regularly to dig up a selection of the best images. In this edition:…

The Interior Issue


Bohemian homes, stunning restaurant designs, Ibiza inspiration and the new Osiris Hertman. This is the Interior Issue.


Staf(f) pick. MENDO favorite Sinterklaas gifts: SPORTRET. The MENDO made book bundles a selection of Klaas…


Staf(f) pick. MENDO favorite Sinterklaas gifts: Studio Ko. A debut monograph on the highly sought after…


Staf(f) pick. MENDO favorite Sinterklaas gifts: Nomadic Homes. Homes on the move around the world in…


Staf(f) pick. MENDO favorite Sinterklaas gifts: Nomadic Homes. Homes on the move around the world in…

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