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Shelf Sessions: Gijs Determeijer


In our series Shelf Sessions we climb the shelves of MENDO’s friends. In this episode: Gijs Determeijer; Executive Producer & Partner at HALAL.

Favorites from Gijs Determeijer’s shelves

Shelf Sessions

These are some of the favorite books of Gijs Determeijer; Executive Producer & Partner at HALAL.

Read the journal.

Gay and proud

Books to celebrate Pride

Pride is a word we value very much at MENDO. It’s one of our eleven commandments, and it is a word that stands for much more than just what we…

August Book deals

August 2019

From the ice-cold Arctic, to the cooler-than-cool Yeezy zine, escape the red-hot heat of summer with these refreshingly inspiring books.

The second-best way to experience photography

Amsterdam Exhibitions

Even though we're blessed with a great summer in 2019, Amsterdam's museums prove that it pays to spend some days inside.

Shelf Sessions: Abderrahmane Trabsini

Daily Paper

In our series Shelf Sessions we climb the shelves of MENDO’s friends. In this episode: Abderrahmane Trabsini, Co-Founder & Creative Director of Daily Paper.

The Recipe

The most important classic recipes from the world's most acclaimed chefs.

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Favorites from Abderrahmane Trabsini’s shelves

Shelf Sessions

These are some of the favorite books of Abderrahmane Trabsini, Co-founder & Creative Director of Daily Paper. Read the journal.

Pie Aerts: Towards living a better and fuller life

Tales From the Roads Less Traveled

MENDO is proud to present Tales From The Roads Less Traveled, the first monograph of Dutch photographer Pie Aerts, published with teNeues. The result of years of traveling done by…

The best of 2019 (so far)

MENDO’s favorites of the year

As the famous American poet Jon Bon Jovi once said: “we’re halfway there.” We’re already closer to the next year than the previous one, so time to make up the…

How to start a fashion brand

The ultimate starter kit

Fashion = big business, and to get you started, we compiled a short and simple guide with books to help you achieve fashion career success.

Food, Photography, Flora and Funky Fumes

Books for a green thumb

Summer has officially started, which means we’re moving outside, defying our hay fever, and putting our gloves on. For green inspiration, motivation, relaxation or sensation, we’ve selected four green books…

Dutch delight

Books from the lowlands

As the Orange Lionesses are certainly winning the World Cup this month, we thought we’d share in that Dutch pride by highlighting some Dutch books for you (and a little…


Fresh pages. __ Wildness. The debut monograph cookbook from Canada’s star chef Jeremy Charles. Camp: Notes…


Freshly pages. __ The NASA Archives, an embark on a journey through space. William Klein: Celebration.…


Fresh pages. __ The recipe form Michelin-star chef Josh Emett. Nendo from one of the world’s…


Howdy people! __ Meet the Little Trailblazers. The children’s book, initiated by Rob Ford & designed…

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