Dries Van Noten 51-100

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An invitation into the stirring world of Dries Van Noten expressed through the expansive landscape of his 50 latest collections and fashion shows.

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Build a beautiful collection of books and control your expenses with the MENDO Subscription service.

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Visual Inspiration #3 is all about the use of Illustrations in books.

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From Friday 8 September to Sunday 10 September, MENDO pops up at Conservatorium hotel in Amsterdam, with a carefully curated selection of books. We can be found in the Lobby…

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Exclusively at MENDO: pre-order Sportret, numbered and signed


We're thrilled to announce that Sportret is at the printers. The first 50 copies (with photo) are sold out. But if you order now, you receive a numbered copy (51…

'Every book is a gift. That's why gift wrapping is standard.'
'Every book is a gift. That's why gift wrapping is standard.'

And the 9 winners are..


Our Sleeping In Style competition has come to an end and we're delighted to announce the 9 fortunate winners.

We’ll have a gay old time


It's summer and Gay Pride has landed in Amsterdam. It's basically the best time of year. We selected books that make the lighthearted even happier.

If even the best Nose says so…


‘Doing a collaboration like this means 1+1 = 3', says Nicolas Cloutier, president and co-founder of Nose in Paris in a conversation about the MENDO / ZENOLOGY room perfume 'Libri'.

Staff faves from Roy


People often ask us what our personal favorite books are. This is the list co-founder Roy Rietstap wishes to share with you.

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Get a copy of our new book Living in Style Amsterdam and have a chance to win a sleepover in one of the 9 finest hotels of Amsterdam.

Meet MENDO: meet Roy


In our series 'Meet MENDO' you get to meet MENDO. This edition shares the vision of co-founder Roy Rietstap.


Book of the week Matthew Rolston Hollywood Royale This volume contains a veritable compendium of Rolston’s…


Buy now! Available today at mendo.nl and in our shop in the Berenstraat. The book about…


Available today at mendo.nl and in our shop in the Berenstraat. The book about Parisian menswear…


Stay for Breakfast. Nice proposal! This book presents breakfast ideas to make it even nicer! #yesplease…

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