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Who will recognize a great book better than a bookstore? A bookstore run by graphic designers. Here’s why: at MENDO we get market feedback seven days a week, we are blessed to be surrounded by a bunch of talented, inspiring people – photographers, writers and publishers – and after being a bookstore for more than 15 years, we can easily say we know what book aficionados are looking for. Don’t you agree that initiating, creating and realizing jaw-dropping books now, only comes natural?

Come to think of it: we only work together with nicest people, we’re surrounded by amazing photography and we are creating stuff – we have the best freaking job in the world!

What's a MENDO publication?

About MENDO books

A MENDO publication is a well-designed book with visually stunning creative content, browsed by people to be amazed and inspired. The subject-matter is one of our pre-defined curated categories, fashion, photography, interior, sport, lifestyle, food and traveling. In general, a MENDO book is a piece of furniture in itself.

'We do what only comes naturally.'
'We do what only comes naturally.'

Gunifort Uwambaga

Our criteria
A yah or nay? It basically comes down to three simple questions. One: do we feel a design challenge and an opportunity to create a visually inspiring, stunning book? Two: do we like the person(s) with whom we may embark on this intense journey called making a book? And do we see commercial potential? Because, let's face it, creating a great book is one thing, but if nobody really wants it, we believe we didn't do a good job.

MENDO prefers quality over quantity. Therefore we only create a very limited number of books per year.

MENDO prefers quality over quantity. Therefore we only create a very limited number of books per year.

Submit your idea
So, you're down with all of the aforementioned, and you have a brilliant idea for a book? Submit it. Ideally we'd meet in person, but since we get quite a few proposals we ask you to do the following: send an email with a brief description of your idea, a short bio and plenty of images to elaborate the concept of your book.

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