Giving gifts is fun and easy

MENDO Gift Service

Selected personally, wrapped elegantly, delivered rapidly

With MENDO you’ll have hundreds of personal and original (business) gifts at your disposal. Rely on the comfort of our personal assistance to make giving thoughtful gifts easy and fun.

Selected personally
Easily find the gifts that really land. We’re always around to help you with personal suggestions.

Wrapped elegantly
Standard procedure: razor sharp wrapping. Add a handwritten note to give your gift an extra personal touch.

Delivered rapidly
Standard procedure: same day shipping. Are you in Amsterdam? Contact us if you want us to deliver the same day.

Books are…
– original and personal Christmas (business) gifts
– an inspiring gift on your favorite colleague’s birthday
– a refreshing, personal alternative for that obvious bottle of wine
– a super thoughtful gesture after a good meeting
– a great keepsake for the people that visited your business event

You will agree that a book is a perfect personal gift for almost every occasion, for almost any person and almost every budget. To select the gift that really lands, we're here to help. Visit us, call us, mail us or browse online to find the perfect gift. We deliver either to you or, if you like, directly to the fortunate recipient. MENDO consists of people, which means we are flexible. If you have special wishes when it comes to gift-wrapping, personal notes, or delivery: just ask. Whether it is for one book or one hundred: taking care of you personal gift is what we do best.

The kind of books we offer
MENDO is a curator for creative books. By this we mean the latest and finest in photography, fashion, traveling, lifestyle, culinary books, interior & architecture and graphic design. You can go as crazy as you wish - roughly from € 15.00 to € 120,000.00.

'A distinctive and very personal gift is just a phone call away.'
'A distinctive and very personal gift is just a phone call away.'

Piet Boon, founder of Piet Boon Studio