The team

MENDO was founded by Roy Rietstap and Joost Albronda and is co-owned by Gunifort Uwambaga.

Roy Rietstap

When our general manager Roy Rietstap was fifteen, he already knew he was going to be an entrepreneur. After years of running a successful agency specialized in communication and design, Roy co-founded MENDO in 2002. Roy is constantly searching for new ideas and has a knack for connecting (with) people. When he isn’t busy managing the team and varying, all-round MENDO stuff, you can meet Roy in retail store at the Nieuwe Doelenstraat 10 in Amsterdam.

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Joost Albronda

Co-founder Joost Albronda is not only the designer of two beautiful kids, he’s also the designer of our MENDO books. After spending the first years of his professional career as a copywriter, Joost chose for his love for graphic design and transformed into an autodidact graphic designer with a clean yet classic style. As our creative director he is responsible for all creative outlets, while managing that typical MENDO look and feel.

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Gunifort Uwambaga

If there’s anything, literally anything, you need to know about our books, just ask co-owner and publisher Gunifort Uwambaga. Gunifort, whose roots are in Rwanda, finished two beta studies before he became MENDO’s publisher. And although he is busy enough with running our publishing department, Guny holds a board position at photography festival Unseen and is the father of Beaufort.

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Daniël Ferwerda

Looking sharp as always, Daniël Ferwerda always welcomes you at our store with excellent service. Like his colleague Emile, Daniël is studying Media, Art, Design and Architecture and therefore knows (or at least, he should) about practically everything there is to know about the books we stock. At first, ‘Daan’ might strike you as the silent type, but we dare you to bring up any subject–we’re sure he won't stop talking about all the need-to-know particulars.

Yeray Sabandar

Yeray Sabandar knows a lot about food, photography and fashion, so you bet he’s at the right address at MENDO. This Spanish bullfighter stays calm at all times, but knows when to strike. A perfect asset for him, since he’s also a very good photographer. You can find this all-round nice-guy in our Flagship Store. Say “¡hola!” when you see him.

Troy Martin

Troy Martin is our communication content creator at MENDO. He may look Dutch, but he hails from the other side of the world. As much as he’s drawn to the idyllic landscapes of his country New Zealand, Troy lost his heart to Amsterdam and is sticking around the canals indefinitely. Troy knows a thing or two when it comes to visual communication. Being a travelling photographer and editor for many years, he has the knack when it comes to curating content that draws you in and leaves you wanting more.