The team

MENDO is owned by Gunifort Uwambaga and Lillian Bennink and is run by a team that shares a love of books and great stories.

Gunifort Uwambaga

Gunifort finished two beta studies before he became MENDO’s publisher. And although he is busy enough with running our publishing department, Guny holds a board position at photography festival Unseen and is the father of Beaufort.

Yeray Sabandar

Yeray Sabandar knows a lot about food, photography and fashion, so you bet he’s at the right address at MENDO. This Spanish bullfighter stays calm at all times, but knows when to strike. A perfect asset for him, since he’s also a very good photographer. You can find this all-round nice-guy in our Flagship Store. Say “¡hola!” when you see him.

Troy Martin

Troy Martin is our communication content creator at MENDO. He may look Dutch, but he hails from the other side of the world. As much as he’s drawn to the idyllic landscapes of his country New Zealand, Troy lost his heart to Amsterdam and is sticking around the canals indefinitely. Troy knows a thing or two when it comes to visual communication. Being a travelling photographer and editor for many years, he has the knack when it comes to curating content that draws you in and leaves you wanting more.

Esther Spruyt

Being the only girl at MENDO, Esther knows how to hold her own. When she’s not reading a book in the sun or strolling around the city of Amsterdam you can find her working as our E-Commerce Coordinator making sure everything runs smoothly. There are two things guaranteed to put a smile on her face: a witty joke or a plate of tasty (fried) food.