The team

MENDO was founded by Roy Rietstap and Joost Albronda and is co-owned by Joeri Worm. Today the team is expanding – seemingly slowly, but actually quite gradually.

Roy Rietstap

When Roy Rietstap was fifteen, he already knew he was going to be an entrepreneur. After years of running a successful advertising agency, Roy turned his back on advertising and co-founded MENDO in 2002. Roy is constantly searching for new ideas and has a knack for connecting (with) people. If you’re lucky, you might catch him for a chat in the store on Saturday and see it for yourself.

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Joost Albronda

Co-owner and founder Joost Albronda is not only the designer of two beautiful kids, he’s also the designer of some of our best looking books. After spending the first years of his professional career as a copywriter, Joost taught himself to be a graphic designer with a clean yet classic style. As a creative director he manages the typical MENDO look and feel, which has resulted in some of the most successful MENDO projects so far.

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Joeri Worm

When Joeri Worm isn’t running the streets and parks of Amsterdam, he’s running the store like no one else could. As a Willem de Kooning Graphic Design graduate, Joeri started at MENDO as an art-director. In the years that followed, Joeri became MENDO’s third co-owner and also became responsible for most of the operational work there is to be done. Joeri is the best at making sure our books end up at the places they belong.

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Gunifort Uwambaga

If there’s anything, literally anything, you need to know about our books, just ask Gunifort Uwambaga, Gunifort managed to get his masters degree in Information and Knowledge Management while at the same time being responsible for the publishing department at MENDO. Guny knows just about everything there is to know about our products and we bet you will never find anyone as passionate about our books as this guy.

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Emile Almekinders

As the youngest member of our team, Emile Almekinders has got a bright future ahead at MENDO. With his ever-expanding knowledge and interests in fashion and photography, Emile can help you find what you’re looking for. Emile has a great sense of style which seamlessly translates to our store. Emile doesn’t only know what’s hot today, but especially what is going to be hot tomorrow. Add this up to his kind personality, and you know MENDO is good for the years to come.

Mikel van den Boogaard

Mikel van den Boogaard is as much of a know-it-all as he is a do-it-all. Besides getting his bachelor’s degree in Media and Culture, he is also a promising writer, photographer and model. Mikel combines his knowledge and skills to provide valuable content for both our online and offline channels and even though we hate to admit it, his stubbornness might be the most valuable quality he has to offer.

Thijs Rebel

Thijs Rebel is probably one of the busiest kids you’ve ever met. Besides being a law student, Thijs runs a hospitality business and is an excellent photographer. Lucky for us, he uses those qualities to bring MENDO to the next level. Thijs does just about everything behind the scenes, which makes the rest of us look good. Not only with his operational work, but also through the lens of his camera.

Jermain Cikic

Jermain Cikic might seem a bit mysterious, but still waters run deep. After being a very promising young soccer player, Jermain decided to focus on his love for photography. At MENDO, we also kind of have a thing with photography so Jermain was a great addition to the team. When Jermain isn’t scouring the streets for that one great image, he’s managing the orders in our stockroom. Making sure you receive your books when you desire them.

Joost Bastmeijer

If you had to describe Joost Bastmeijer in one word it would be: eccentric. Our second Joost has a hard time sitting still and that’s probably the reason why he has been all over the world. Joost is not only an excellent writer, he’s also a great photographer. You might have seen his name as such in some of our books. And if we’re able to keep him in Amsterdam for a while, some new projects just might have Joost’s signature in it.