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Shop books signed by Erwin Olaf, Stephan Vanfleteren, Dana Lixenberg and Bastiaan Woudt at MENDO.

English and Dutch books you should read (part II)

Curated by Paulien Cornelisse

As connoisseurs of visual inspiration, we left our literary selection to someone who knows. This time, Dutch writer, theatre maker & columnist Paulien Cornelisse gives us her top Dutch and…

Dotsy Cards

Friends with brands

Friends with brands: our friends at Paris-based brand Dotsy present their range of creative and fun cards. Dotsy cards are all about spreading joy and the brand is dedicated to…

What’s new

See what's new in art & graphic design, lifestyle and photography including Anton Corbijn: MØODe, KAWS: He Eats Alone, Art & Queer Culture, A Labour of Love and many more.

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Good news: signed copies of Dana Lixenberg's books, including Imperial Courts, Tupac Biggie and united states are available online.

Home inspiration

Forget mediocracy: be inspired by these books packed with eclectic designs, futuristic architecture, utopian house visions and whimsical interiors.

Maison Mona di Orio

Friends with brands: our friend Jeroen Oude Sogtoen presents the Alinea Collection of Maison Mona di Orio perfumes. Intended for those in search of the rare and beautiful, the Alinea…

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September 2020

Shop the latest books in photography, design and cooking, including Mirage #5, Inside Out, RITE, Malika Favre and many more.

MENDO summer favorites

Our summer favorites serve up the best summer vibes, with choice waves, beautiful people, bold interiors, delicious food and a bit of (light) reading to round it all off.

Four times Fashionary


Whether you want to make a pattern for a pair of pants or start your own fashion business, Fashionary's got you covered. These pocket-sized publications punch above their weight in terms of content and design.

(Wel)come to Amsterdam

Are you ready to explore and enjoy Amsterdam? Here are some books that might inspire.

Amsterdam-based photographers

(Wel)come to Amsterdam

Amsterdam is home to a host of photographic talent, whose work is as inspirational as the city they live in.

5x Loose Joints


We love to shine the spotlight on our fellow publishers, especially those that have produced some of our favorite books. This week we highlight five books from London and Marseille-based…

Books for conscious cooks


With these unbeatable books for conscious cooks, you can make the most of the season's offer of fresh produce. Delicious recipes with a focus on greens—great for you and the…