We’ll have a gay old time

Books that make the lighthearted even happier

It's summer and Gay Pride has landed in Amsterdam. It's basically the best time of year. We selected books that make the lighthearted even happier.

Mario Testino: Sir


Influential photographer Mario Testino presents over 300 photographs in his search to define the allure of men.

Gisele Bündchen


A unique artistic presentation of the highest-earning model in the world.

Mr. by Ferry van der Nat


A homage to the beauty of men. Made by MENDO.

Helmut Newton: Sumo


The historic Helmut Newton SUMO, in a regular - but still sizeable - format, including plexi glass bookstand.

What I See, Brooklyn Beckham


A glimpse behind the scenes into the life of Brooklyn Beckham through his own words and featuring a collection of his photographs.

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The Last Days of Summer


In this book, photographer Akila Berjaoui shows how her love for the beach is inextricably linked with her artistic vision.

100 Great Danes


A visual tribute to the women of Denmark - to their womanly beauty and integrity as individuals.

Correct me – I’m wrong


‘Correct Me – I’m Wrong’ is the debute of Amsterdam based multidisciplinary artist and writer Lot Madeleine.

Ren Hang


The Chinese photographer’s international and complete career monograph.

London Sartorial


The new looks, updated traditions, and influential designers defining men’s fashion today, from the world’s capital of gentlemen’s style.

Mario Testino: Sir


In this limited edition, Testino presents over 300 photographs in his search to define the allure of men.

Bookstand Black Steel


Enjoy your books even more with an exclusive MENDO x Osiris black bookstand.

Mario Testino: Undressed


This intimate series explores the notion of undressing in photography.