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Fresh pages have just landed on the shelves at MENDO. Including an iconic collection of polaroids, the power of political art, Africa's best artists plus multiple culinary delights.

Highlighting inspiring and creative women

International Women's Day

MENDO strives to elevate the visibility of all women. In celebration of International Women's Day we have curated a book collection containing phenomenal work by inspiring and creative women across…

Supporting people from countries in conflict

Donate now

Take a stand with the people of Ukraine and with all the refugees from countries in conflict. MENDO supports the relief efforts of Movement On The Ground, Stichting Vluchteling (Giro555)…

Black Futures Month

Highlighting Black pioneers

Celebrating the profound impact Black artists have had, and continue to have in creating groundbreaking cultural phenomena on a global and historic scale.

A message from MENDO’s Gunifort Uwambaga

Black Lives Matter

Gunifort Uwambaga, on overcoming racism, bigotry, and prejudice through books. Original statement written June 2020.

A trip through time

Future and past

Looking forward and looking back. Explore titles featuring photography, fashion and design perceptions of the future as well as influential paintings, logo origins and parties from the past.

Treat your Valentine

Monday is Valentine's Day and we're here to help. Shop a carefully selected gift, add a personalised note and have it shipped to your loved one(s). That easy. Love, MENDO.

Welcome back to Amsterdam

With the doors now open at our favorite places, use these books on Amsterdam as inspiration to explore the many highlights this wonderful city has to offer.

A gastronomic getaway

Dazzle your discerning palate with the best of Bullipedia. Molecular cuisine, the origins of Italian breakfast, unprocessed ingredients: prolific chef Ferran Adrià’s touches on a whole host of topics related…

MENDO is blowing out 20 candles

2002 - 2022

A visual journey through two decades of sharing the love for books. Not a chronological story, nor the entire story, but it characterises MENDO's journey since 2002.

Visit MENDO in Amsterdam

You're welcome to visit MENDO at Nieuwe Doelenstraat 10 in Amsterdam. We're open from Tuesday to Sunday.

Visual inspiration #12

A new year, a new selection of striking, powerful and joyous images. Curated by the team at MENDO. We wish you an inspiring 2022.

Some of our favorite photographers – and their 2021 books

2021 round-up

Browse this selection of outstanding photographers and the books they published in 2021.

The Monocle Series

Explore these Monocle books and guides about travel, lifestyle, business, culture and design.