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Whether you want to make a pattern for a pair of pants or start your own fashion business, Fashionary's got you covered. These pocket-sized publications punch above their weight in terms of content and design.

Visual inspiration #9

At MENDO, we love to be inspired by everything visual. This time, MENDO's Eddie Stok selected 10 inspiring images from 10 inspiring books.

(Wel)come to Amsterdam

Are you ready to explore and enjoy Amsterdam? Here are some books that might inspire.

Amsterdam-based photographers

(Wel)come to Amsterdam

Amsterdam is home to a host of photographic talent, whose work is as inspirational as the city they live in.

Enjoy the all-new De L’Europe at half-price

MENDO-exclusive offer

To celebrate the opening of our new store, MENDO and De L'Europe have an exclusive offer for a night at the hotel, with a many extras and upgrades. Until the…

5x Loose Joints


We love to shine the spotlight on our fellow publishers, especially those that have produced some of our favorite books. This week we highlight five books from London and Marseille-based…

Books for conscious cooks


With these unbeatable books for conscious cooks, you can make the most of the season's offer of fresh produce. Delicious recipes with a focus on greens—great for you and the…

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New books

Shop the latest books in interior design, art, illustration, photography and lifestyle.

A message from MENDO’s Publisher, Gunifort Uwambaga

Black Lives Matter

Our Publisher, Gunifort Uwambaga, on overcoming racism, bigotry, and prejudice through books.

Amplifying Black Voices

Black Lives Matter

This selection was made by our publisher Gunifort Uwambaga to highlight Black pioneers in many different fields, past and present, and a number of publications which have sought to thoughtfully document widely-overlooked aspects of the Black experience as it exists in communities around the world.

English and Dutch books you should read

Curated by James Worthy

As connoisseurs of visual inspiration, we left our literary selection to someone who knows. This time, author, columnist & journalist James Worthy gives us his top Dutch and English literary…

Books from Iebele’s shelves

Shelf Sessions

These are some books from the shelves of Iebele van der Meulen, editor-in-chief of L’HOMO and LINDA.loves, cover specialist and image collector. Read the interview

Shelf Sessions: Iebele van der Meulen


In our series Shelf Sessions, we climb the shelves of MENDO’s friends. In this episode, MENDO’s Roy chats with Iebele van der Meulen, editor-in-chief of L’HOMO and LINDA.loves, cover specialist…

Ghislain Pascal on our two latest titles


We catch up with editor of two new MENDO titles Ghislain Pascal, and talk to him about how he got into the photography sphere, the importance of photography for LGBT…